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Welcome to the U30 Cat and Small Dog Wellness Center

The U30 Cat and Small Dog Wellness Center is the first of it’s kind veterinary facility catering to the specific needs of cats and dogs weighing less than 30 pounds.  Cats have specific needs unique to the feline species.  These include nutritional, behavioral, acute and chronic conditions, geriatric issues as well as a host of specific and non-specific ailments too long to list.  The small dog is also unique in its needs regarding care, disease, preventive medicine and illness.  By specializing in these two groups of patients, the U30 is able to offer the best care for your cat or small dog.  We can’t wait to see you!

What is a wellness center?  Wellness care includes most of what you and your pet needs. Preventive measures including vaccines, blood and urine testing, parasite control and nutrition counseling are handled by the U30. Outpatient illnesses including skin, ears, eyes, GI disturbances, urinary issues, dental care, respiratory and cardiac difficulties, musculo-skeletal problems as well as other conditions and issues fall within the U30’s capabilities.  Day surgery, such as spays, neuters, mass removals, minor orthopedic procedures, dentistry’s, biopsies and an assortment of miscellaneous procedures can be scheduled at the U30.  In house radiography, ultrasonography, fecal testing, urinalysis, complete blood counts and blood chemistry testing will all be available at the center.

What doesn’t a wellness center do?   The U30 will not be your facility to handle after hour emergencies, illness requiring hospitalization, complicated surgeries requiring significant post-surgical care or advanced procedures such as CT, MRI or radiation therapy.  We will, however, maintain a working relationship with referral hospitals to streamline your pets care, communicate with the referral hospitals caring for your pet and follow up with whatever care your pet needs once it leaves those facilities.  The U30 will work closely with a variety of specialists including ophthalmologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, internal medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, radiologists and oncologists to ensure all the needs of your loved ones are adequately cared for.

The staff at the U30 can’t wait to see you and your pets.  Call us at (413) 562-1873 or email info@u30catandsmalldog.com to arrange a visit.  We will work hard to make your visit memorable and hope to serve your pets for years to come.